Whole House Filter


Whole House Filter

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Three Stage Whole House Filter

Ideal for use where water supply is from a Well, Spring or Borehole


Stage 1:-  Pre- Filtration

Removes coarse sediments from raw water supply and protects ceramic candles using :-

1 x 20” Big Blue Filter Housing with 1” Ports and 20” Pleated Sediment Filter.

Stage 2: - Carbon Block

Removes Colour and Odours and improves Taste using

10” Big Blue Filter Housing and 10” Big Carbon Block Filter

Stage 3: -  Polishes water to high potable standard

Removes Turbidity, Bacteria & Cyst Reduction using the Rio 2000 ceramic candles housed in

1 x 10” Big Blue filter Housing.


  1. Bacteria E. coli >99.9%
  2. Vibrio Cholerae >99.99%
  3. Shingella >99.99%
  4. Salmonella (Typhoid) >99.99%
  5. Klebsiella >99.99%
  6. Cryptosporidium >99.99%
  7. Giardia >99.99%

The Whole House filtration system is pre-assembled for easy installation and consist of:

1 x 20” Big Blue Filter Housing complete with Mounting Bracket, spanner & Screws

2 x 10” Big Blue Filter Housing mounted on Dual Bracket with 10” Carbon Block filter and

six Ceramic Candles, Screws for mounting Bracket, Change out Spanner and ceramic cleaning tool.






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